Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Protective style challenge 2017

crotchet hair

Hey naturalistas,
Today I just want to write about this protective style challenge I have been doing since January. Protective styling has been known to grow massive inches of hair if done correctly, some preferred styles range from low manipulative styles like updo's, flat twists, braids, twists and buns to long term protective styles like weaves, wigs, braids with extensions and twists also mini twists.

crotchet freetress

My challenge will mostly be based on long term protective styles, and will have wash days in between with both protein and moisturising deep conditioners. I have also started making my own wigs because they make life easy and are super easy and quick when I am pressed for time.

Afro wig
I intend for this challenge to go the whole year with two trims in-between to remove ragged ends, and will do a length check every three months to see if I am on the right track or just forget it all together. I will be posting the products I will be using and doing some reviews i already have a pending product i need to review. I will also oil my scalp with Pure Jamaican Castor Oil by sunny isle, and deep condition with afro botanics's amina deep penetrating moisturising conditioner its a mouthful I know but it really does the job. I am yet to buy the afro botanics line because I already love it, For my shampoo I am still using my homemade black soap shampoo and its doing wonders for my hair i cant trade it just yet.

weave wig
I will also do weekly scalp massages, why weekly and not daily I am busy so it wont be practical doing it everyday unlike weekends where i can relax. So basically that's what my challenge will go, if I make any adjustments I will post here.

Happy reading.....

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