Saturday, 5 August 2017

How I make my homemade flaxseed gel.

flax seed gel

I have always been so curious to try out gels on my hair but the weird crunchy feeling on my hair left much to be desired, so I did a little research on natural gels. Aloe Vera gel and flax seed seemed to top my search engine, so therefore decided to go with flax seed because it was readily available.
Flax seeds are filled with many nutrients great for hair like proteins, omega 3 fatty acids, iron and many more great nutrients, so why not try it. It reduces hair breakage, reduces dandruff, prevents male baldness, nourishes the hair, doesn't leave any build up and many more.

The search for the flax seeds wasn't that stressful, because you can find them in any wholefood store mine was bought in dischem and was so tempted to buy some apple cider vinegar but that was me been an impulse buyer.

The process took me about 15minutes to make its that easy; all you need is


4 tablespoons of flax seeds
2 cups of water
A strainer
lavender oil


Put your flax seeds and water in a pot and let it boil for while stirring continuously and lifting the pot when it wants to overflow.
After 10minutes get your strainer and container then pour over while its still hot, because if it cools down it will take longer to strain.
If you happen not to a have a strainer use a pantyhose leg to help drain but be careful not to burn yourself, some youtubers use a sock but its all up to you.
Lastly, add 2 drops of your essential oils I used mongongo oil.

about to boil

pantyhose to strain

With the gel, I did a braid out and the results where awesome. No crunchy feeling, my hair wasn't dry, it felt moisturised though it took 2 days to completely dry the perks of low porosity hair. The gel was used on clean hair and all I used to moisturise was Shea Butter and my usual oil mix then the gel.
Later during the week used the gel again on dry hair and it just melted the tangles away re braided and wore my braid out again. Honestly, i am in love with this gel it might just become a staple.

After straining the gel we don't want to waste the seeds because they also great, so a hack I learnt is put the residue in a ice cube tray and freeze, and use when you want to make health shakes. All you do is put in a blender and blend till the seeds are crushed then add your fruits, so not only does your hair benefit your body benefits too.

Lastly, hope you enjoy this gel and share your thoughts on it.
Happy reading.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Hairstyles for medium length hair.

Hey guys, today I just want to show you some of the hairstyles I have been doing I will explain most of them and I just want to say they are easy to follow and if your hair isn't long enough don't worry you can always add some marley hair to give the extra kick to it.

 This was a braid out I call the cornrows out, because it always seems to give me more definition, Unfortunately this was wash day so I didn't get to enjoy the curls popping for a longer time. The products i used where African Shea butter and an oil mix containing mongongo and coconut oil.

 This one was a twist out, I had added some perm rods at the ends to define my curls more and I used Shea butter and an oil mix as well, didn't really like the hairstyle because I didn't know how to deal with it, hey we all have those days when the hair just ain't going as planned, that was mine.

This hair I was feeling, despite that small stick that disturbed my picture. This was finger coils that I did on already stretched hair "big mistake", it took up way to much product next time i am definitely doing the coils on freshly washed hair. I used eco styler gel and auntie Jackie's instant detangler, and my curls where popping.

This was one hairstyle that made the inner diva come out, I mean I loved this hairstyle i was hunting for compliments, not in a bad way of course but honestly I loved this hairstyle. it also gave me a chance to compare how my hair has grown over the years, as I had some old pictures and this hairstyle has been my old time favourite. All I did was use a ribbon to put the hair together then sectioned the middle in 4 and twisted it, then pinned down and fluffed where deemed necessary.
Lastly, this was day 3 of finger coils, I simply sprayed some guava water and pinned the side then fluffed where I wanted.
I am yet to put a review on guava water been only using it for a month and I usually give a product about 3 months before I make statements, but I will say first hand that the breakage has reduced by far. I no longer have a bunch of hair falling out, as for the growing part lets just wait for that one, patience guys haha.

These are some of the hairstyles I have had, I am in the middle of a protective style challenge, so in between my wig breaks I take the opportunity to play around with my hair, after all life is too short not to enjoy your hair journey.

Happy Reading,
Be blessed.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

How I make my homemade black soap shampoo.

Hey, these past weeks I have been wondering what I should post about. I realized I have a product I have been using for months and I haven't posted about it yet. So this post was born.
Black soap is originally from West Africa and has been used for several purposes the most common been for the face, it is recently that it become popular in the natural hair world as a moisturizing  cleanser, in place of using shampoos people use the black soap. 

 Some of the benefits for my hair includes;
* It doesn't give that dry crunchy feeling most shampoos left,
* It has healing properties for the scalp,
* It has reduced my dandruff,
* It leaves my hair moisturized and
* It is good for all hair types and whatever form or state your hair is in, it doesn't need to be natural.

 The steps.
1. I boil some water and put in a clean ball.
2. Cut off a good amount of the black soap you have. And add to water.
3. Add your favourite oils mine always include mongongo oil and some Castor oil.
4. Then keep stirring till the black soap melts while taking breaks, it might take long you don't want to strain your muscle.

5. After you done pack in small bottles and you good to go.

NOTE: If you want a squeaky clean feeling you can add some apple cider vinegar but I only do that once a month to clarify.
So that's it for my black soap recipe, I hope you love it as I do and will be waiting for feedback.
Be blessed.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Protective style challenge 2017

crotchet hair

Hey naturalistas,
Today I just want to write about this protective style challenge I have been doing since January. Protective styling has been known to grow massive inches of hair if done correctly, some preferred styles range from low manipulative styles like updo's, flat twists, braids, twists and buns to long term protective styles like weaves, wigs, braids with extensions and twists also mini twists.

crotchet freetress

My challenge will mostly be based on long term protective styles, and will have wash days in between with both protein and moisturising deep conditioners. I have also started making my own wigs because they make life easy and are super easy and quick when I am pressed for time.

Afro wig
I intend for this challenge to go the whole year with two trims in-between to remove ragged ends, and will do a length check every three months to see if I am on the right track or just forget it all together. I will be posting the products I will be using and doing some reviews i already have a pending product i need to review. I will also oil my scalp with Pure Jamaican Castor Oil by sunny isle, and deep condition with afro botanics's amina deep penetrating moisturising conditioner its a mouthful I know but it really does the job. I am yet to buy the afro botanics line because I already love it, For my shampoo I am still using my homemade black soap shampoo and its doing wonders for my hair i cant trade it just yet.

weave wig
I will also do weekly scalp massages, why weekly and not daily I am busy so it wont be practical doing it everyday unlike weekends where i can relax. So basically that's what my challenge will go, if I make any adjustments I will post here.

Happy reading.....

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

New year plans for my hair and updates

Hello hello my people, I know it's been ages. I had gone on holiday and honestly my mind was in rest mode haha. So now that we have entered into another year and we thank God for that seriously like people did not make it this far. It is also important to set up realistic goals because even though we strive for longer hair, hair has it's own growth rate so what we expect might not be what we achieve at the end of the expected period.

Now that, that is off the way I have some serious plans for my hair this mainly achieving longer, stronger and healthy hair with a lot of volume.

1. I plan on doing a protective style challenge for the whole of this year. This challenge I have already started but will set up a plan on how it will go and what protective styles i will be doing, I will write up a post about it soon.

2. I will try and not be a product junkie, how I will do it I am not sure but i will do it somehow. Right now i have cantu and auntie jackie products, I am trying to get rid of the cantu because my hair doesn't really like them so that might resurrect the product junkie in me. I also plan on giving away some products I don't use, so look out for that.

3. I also plan on doing a castor oil challenge, I already incorporated it in my routine in my deep conditioners and shea butter mix. So the next step is oiling my scalp with castor oil.

4. Lastly I just want to enjoy my hair, I am now at armpit length so I am hoping for full bra strap length this year. Also looking forward to convincing myself to dye my tips hehehe.

Love you all
happy reading 😊

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

oil rinsing

For the past 3 months i have been trying out a new trick for my hair which is the oil rinsing method as the header says. As a low porosity girl i find that my hair tends to feel dry but after trying out this new trick i loved how my hair felt.

1. what is oil rinsing?
Oil rinsing is when you apply your favorite oil to your hair after you deep condition and let it stay for 5 to 30 minutes. I, personally prefer to use coconut oil then let it marinate for about five minutes then use my TRESemmé conditioner to coat my hair then wash it all out,thus leaving my hair moisturized by the time i start styling.

2. How often should it be done?
I do this whenever i wash my hair, there is no limit as to how many times you supposed to do it.

3. Benefits?
This is especially for low porosity girls, you will realize that your hair has so much moisture, less frizz, less tangles and if sealed properly you wont need to re moisturize during the week which is halleluyah for me.

4. Final thoughts?
If you tend to have build up quickly and you have dandruff then whenever you incorporate the oil rinsing method make sure you use a shampoo for your scalp. Because if not done correctly, it tends to become sticky and will cause extra build up then the dandruff.
Also, oil rinsing is different from pre-pooing in that a pre-poo is done before you shampoo and an oil rinse is done after a deep conditioning treatment.

Be blessed readers.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

natural hair and beauty expo namibia : My experience

It was on the 10th of september and my diana ross inspired fro was ready to hit the road. I was so impatient about this expo because i was anticipating and i couldn't keep calm.
 My friend and I had a stand there hence the need to get there early. we sell shea butter and other hair related stuff, so you can follow her page on facebook: jojo's african shea butter, and see what we all about.

So now that is all out of the way,  prices where slashed down, and there was a lot i mean a whole lot of products from different brands to choose from that it arose the product junkie in me. I got myself some goodies i have been dying to try out by frolove and i must say i am already loving the deep conditioner its bae. I also got some cocoa butter from african naturals which i steal have to melt and whip because its still in blocks, shea butter soap from jojo's african shea butter which i am loving for my face, some black soap i haven't yet used and some free samples by cantu which i would  give an average because my hair did't like the leave in nor the coconut curling cream maybe it's how i used them but my hair was feeling it.

And i found my picture in the new era newspaper yeeey, i can't even remember what i was doing but i am humbled thank goodness its a good picture hahaha.
 These are some of the products that caught my eye, by the way these are namibian products so yeey go team nambia. follow her on instagram:inekela hair care.  
 Showing some curl love with all our beautiful smiles.

At the end of the day, it was a good day to mingle with other naturalistas and people looking to have healthy hair and skin and just talk about some of the challenges that come with being natural and also promote self love for oneself because people will only see what you project yourself to be. If you believe you are wonderfully and fearfully made in the image of your creator, you will see yourself as beautiful and carry yourself with a certain confidence because the love comes from inside you and it will project on the outside. And i am glad i went and participated in this year's expo looking forward to the next one.

Be blessed.

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