Thursday, 27 April 2017

How I make my homemade black soap shampoo.

Hey, these past weeks I have been wondering what I should post about. I realized I have a product I have been using for months and I haven't posted about it yet. So this post was born.
Black soap is originally from West Africa and has been used for several purposes the most common been for the face, it is recently that it become popular in the natural hair world as a moisturizing  cleanser, in place of using shampoos people use the black soap. 

 Some of the benefits for my hair includes;
* It doesn't give that dry crunchy feeling most shampoos left,
* It has healing properties for the scalp,
* It has reduced my dandruff,
* It leaves my hair moisturized and
* It is good for all hair types and whatever form or state your hair is in, it doesn't need to be natural.

 The steps.
1. I boil some water and put in a clean ball.
2. Cut off a good amount of the black soap you have. And add to water.
3. Add your favourite oils mine always include mongongo oil and some Castor oil.
4. Then keep stirring till the black soap melts while taking breaks, it might take long you don't want to strain your muscle.

5. After you done pack in small bottles and you good to go.

NOTE: If you want a squeaky clean feeling you can add some apple cider vinegar but I only do that once a month to clarify.
So that's it for my black soap recipe, I hope you love it as I do and will be waiting for feedback.
Be blessed.

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