Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Hairstyles for medium length hair.

Hey guys, today I just want to show you some of the hairstyles I have been doing I will explain most of them and I just want to say they are easy to follow and if your hair isn't long enough don't worry you can always add some marley hair to give the extra kick to it.

 This was a braid out I call the cornrows out, because it always seems to give me more definition, Unfortunately this was wash day so I didn't get to enjoy the curls popping for a longer time. The products i used where African Shea butter and an oil mix containing mongongo and coconut oil.

 This one was a twist out, I had added some perm rods at the ends to define my curls more and I used Shea butter and an oil mix as well, didn't really like the hairstyle because I didn't know how to deal with it, hey we all have those days when the hair just ain't going as planned, that was mine.

This hair I was feeling, despite that small stick that disturbed my picture. This was finger coils that I did on already stretched hair "big mistake", it took up way to much product next time i am definitely doing the coils on freshly washed hair. I used eco styler gel and auntie Jackie's instant detangler, and my curls where popping.

This was one hairstyle that made the inner diva come out, I mean I loved this hairstyle i was hunting for compliments, not in a bad way of course but honestly I loved this hairstyle. it also gave me a chance to compare how my hair has grown over the years, as I had some old pictures and this hairstyle has been my old time favourite. All I did was use a ribbon to put the hair together then sectioned the middle in 4 and twisted it, then pinned down and fluffed where deemed necessary.
Lastly, this was day 3 of finger coils, I simply sprayed some guava water and pinned the side then fluffed where I wanted.
I am yet to put a review on guava water been only using it for a month and I usually give a product about 3 months before I make statements, but I will say first hand that the breakage has reduced by far. I no longer have a bunch of hair falling out, as for the growing part lets just wait for that one, patience guys haha.

These are some of the hairstyles I have had, I am in the middle of a protective style challenge, so in between my wig breaks I take the opportunity to play around with my hair, after all life is too short not to enjoy your hair journey.

Happy Reading,
Be blessed.


  1. What is guava water? And how do I have to keep my hair in braids?🤔

    1. How long do I have to keep it in braids?

  2. Hey,thank you for the comment. Guava water is a solution made to help stop breakage. You boil guava with some water then put in a spray bottle and spray whenever you can you can also add drops of oil. How long you keep braids is your choice but the recommended time is between 4 to 6 weeks.


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