Tuesday, 24 January 2017

New year plans for my hair and updates

Hello hello my people, I know it's been ages. I had gone on holiday and honestly my mind was in rest mode haha. So now that we have entered into another year and we thank God for that seriously like people did not make it this far. It is also important to set up realistic goals because even though we strive for longer hair, hair has it's own growth rate so what we expect might not be what we achieve at the end of the expected period.

Now that, that is off the way I have some serious plans for my hair this mainly achieving longer, stronger and healthy hair with a lot of volume.

1. I plan on doing a protective style challenge for the whole of this year. This challenge I have already started but will set up a plan on how it will go and what protective styles i will be doing, I will write up a post about it soon.

2. I will try and not be a product junkie, how I will do it I am not sure but i will do it somehow. Right now i have cantu and auntie jackie products, I am trying to get rid of the cantu because my hair doesn't really like them so that might resurrect the product junkie in me. I also plan on giving away some products I don't use, so look out for that.

3. I also plan on doing a castor oil challenge, I already incorporated it in my routine in my deep conditioners and shea butter mix. So the next step is oiling my scalp with castor oil.

4. Lastly I just want to enjoy my hair, I am now at armpit length so I am hoping for full bra strap length this year. Also looking forward to convincing myself to dye my tips hehehe.

Love you all
happy reading 😊

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