Hairstyles for medium length hair.

Hey guys, today I just want to show you some of the hairstyles I have been doing I will explain most of them and I just want to say they are easy to follow and if your hair isn't long enough don't worry you can always add some marley hair to give the extra kick to it.

 This was a braid out I call the cornrows out, because it always seems to give me more definition, Unfortunately this was wash day so I didn't get to enjoy the curls popping for a longer time. The products i used where African Shea butter and an oil mix containing mongongo and coconut oil.

 This one was a twist out, I had added some perm rods at the ends to define my curls more and I used Shea butter and an oil mix as well, didn't really like the hairstyle because I didn't know how to deal with it, hey we all have those days when the hair just ain't going as planned, that was mine.

This hair I was feeling, despite that small stick that disturbed my picture. This was finger coils that I did on alre…

How I make my homemade black soap shampoo.

Hey, these past weeks I have been wondering what I should post about. I realized I have a product I have been using for months and I haven't posted about it yet. So this post was born. Black soap is originally from West Africa and has been used for several purposes the most common been for the face, it is recently that it become popular in the natural hair world as a moisturizing  cleanser, in place of using shampoos people use the black soap. 

 Some of the benefits for my hair includes;
* It doesn't give that dry crunchy feeling most shampoos left,
* It has healing properties for the scalp,
* It has reduced my dandruff,
* It leaves my hair moisturized and * It is good for all hair types and whatever form or state your hair is in, it doesn't need to be natural.

 The steps.
1. I boil some water and put in a clean ball.
2. Cut off a good amount of the black soap you have. And add to water.
3. Add your favourite oils mine always include mongongo oil and some Castor oil.

Protective style challenge 2017

Hey naturalistas,
Today I just want to write about this protective style challenge I have been doing since January. Protective styling has been known to grow massive inches of hair if done correctly, some preferred styles range from low manipulative styles like updo's, flat twists, braids, twists and buns to long term protective styles like weaves, wigs, braids with extensions and twists also mini twists.

My challenge will mostly be based on long term protective styles, and will have wash days in between with both protein and moisturising deep conditioners. I have also started making my own wigs because they make life easy and are super easy and quick when I am pressed for time.

I intend for this challenge to go the whole year with two trims in-between to remove ragged ends, and will do a length check every three months to see if I am on the right track or just forget it all together. I will be posting the products I will be using and doing some reviews i already have a pend…

New year plans for my hair and updates

Hello hello my people, I know it's been ages. I had gone on holiday and honestly my mind was in rest mode haha. So now that we have entered into another year and we thank God for that seriously like people did not make it this far. It is also important to set up realistic goals because even though we strive for longer hair, hair has it's own growth rate so what we expect might not be what we achieve at the end of the expected period.

Now that, that is off the way I have some serious plans for my hair this mainly achieving longer, stronger and healthy hair with a lot of volume.

1. I plan on doing a protective style challenge for the whole of this year. This challenge I have already started but will set up a plan on how it will go and what protective styles i will be doing, I will write up a post about it soon.

2. I will try and not be a product junkie, how I will do it I am not sure but i will do it somehow. Right now i have cantu and auntie jackie products, I am trying to get…

oil rinsing

For the past 3 months i have been trying out a new trick for my hair which is the oil rinsing method as the header says. As a low porosity girl i find that my hair tends to feel dry but after trying out this new trick i loved how my hair felt.

1. what is oil rinsing?
Oil rinsing is when you apply your favorite oil to your hair after you deep condition and let it stay for 5 to 30 minutes. I, personally prefer to use coconut oil then let it marinate for about five minutes then use my TRESemmé conditioner to coat my hair then wash it all out,thus leaving my hair moisturized by the time i start styling.

2. How often should it be done?
I do this whenever i wash my hair, there is no limit as to how many times you supposed to do it.

3. Benefits?
This is especially for low porosity girls, you will realize that your hair has so much moisture, less frizz, less tangles and if sealed properly you wont need to re moisturize during the week which is halleluyah for me.

4. Final thoughts?
If you ten…

natural hair and beauty expo namibia : My experience

It was on the 10th of september and my diana ross inspired fro was ready to hit the road. I was so impatient about this expo because i was anticipating and i couldn't keep calm.
 My friend and I had a stand there hence the need to get there early. we sell shea butter and other hair related stuff, so you can follow her page on facebook: jojo's african shea butter, and see what we all about.

So now that is all out of the way,  prices where slashed down, and there was a lot i mean a whole lot of products from different brands to choose from that it arose the product junkie in me. I got myself some goodies i have been dying to try out by frolove and i must say i am already loving the deep conditioner its bae. I also got some cocoa butter from african naturals which i steal have to melt and whip because its still in blocks, shea butter soap from jojo's african shea butter which i am loving for my face, some black soap i haven't yet used and some free samples by cantu which…

Healthy hair spotlight on muke

1. Introduce yourself in one sentence?
They call me Muke, I am nice and a perfectionist.
2. How long have you been on your healthy hair journey and what influenced you?
A year and eight months now. The owner of this blog is and will always be the driving force behind all my hair decisions(personal guru).
3. Whats your regimen?
Basically wash my hair twice a month, I have relaxed or texlaxed hair kaya. 

4. Take me through your typical wash day and how do you deal with shrinkage?
Firstly comb through my hair and part it, then shampoo it for three minutes, wash and re-shampoo again. Apply coconut oil then condition for five minutes, wash out and apply a deep conditioner and wash out. Then dry at low heat. I really don't have shrinkage because my hair is relaxed.
5. What do you love about your hair?
 I love that after every protective hairstyle it shows a good sign of growth/strength.

 6. What are your favorite products?
The ones am currently using, Pantene shampoo, conditioner and tw…